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 Requesting a Tryout

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Requesting a Tryout Empty
PostSubject: Requesting a Tryout   Requesting a Tryout Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2008 12:33 pm

You are to provide the following information.

Brawl FC:
Brawl username:
Country, State:
Time Zone:
Method of Contact: (AIM/MSN/EMAIL) <- Please provide the screen name
Avaliablity: (What time to what time you are available for a tryout)
Rules to be used During the Tryout:

Best of 3
No Items
4 Stock
Stage Selections: Final Destination, Battlefield, (Will be updated)
Members that are doing the Tryout:
When you are finish please post in the appropriate thread on the person you tried out. Fill out the following information:

Round 1: (Who Won)
Round 2: (Who Won)
Round 3: (If needed: Who Won)
Acception into clan: (Yes/No**/Maybe*)
Room for improvement: (What can he/she do better)
Rubric Score***:

*If the answer to this is a maybe the person will have to tryout again best of 3 with another person in the clan.
**If the answer is a no, he/she may try again in a week or two depending on time. The person has to tryout with that same member.
***The rubric may be found Here. After you have totaled up the rubric score I or Loo will make the final decision upon entrance to the clan.
In order to be accepted you must have a double yes. If for some reason a Yes/No occurs you will have to retryout for either a yes or no. By either me or Loo.

More to be added.
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Requesting a Tryout
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