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 Welcome to Team Omega and Rules

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Welcome to Team Omega and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Team Omega and Rules   Welcome to Team Omega and Rules Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2008 12:43 pm

If you havent yet please read this.

1. Treat others with respect
2. No vulgar language
3. Please post in the appropriate section.
4. This is an ENGLISH forum please refrain from using other languages.
5. Do not make a post regarding one specific member. Thats what the PM system is for.
6. NO DOUBLE POSTING thats why the edit button was invented.
7. Do not spam. The spam section is there for a reason.
8. Signature must be 500x146 No more then that.
9. Avatars are 100x100.
10. Anything exceeding the limit will recieve a 1 day ban. Why a ban? Well its your fault for not reading the rules.

Word of Advice: Do unto others as others do unto you!

Punishment will be decided on the spot. There is no excuses.
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Welcome to Team Omega and Rules
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