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Main Character : Pokemon Trainer
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PostSubject: JUUUHHHHHHHSTTTT!!!! :O   JUUUHHHHHHHSTTTT!!!! :O Icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2008 11:49 pm

yoyoyo what is up.
the names Justin but people are too lazy to add the "in" so sometimes, my close friends call me Just. hence the title.

so yeah. im guessing im one of the many who played brawl for hours to get the characters n all that. i didnt sleep for a day and a half cause of it ha!

uhh.. i entered the brawl midnight release tournament as pokemontrainer and have been using him since. so im trying to get good with him.
kirby too. cant go wrong with a pink puff ball with feet right? :3

yeah i'm justin, im short, it sucks, i used to have crazy asian spikey hair, i'm in college now, lifes getting hard and busy, i cant manage my time, i procrastinate like crazy, im lazy, and i like sleeping. in cars, church, school, sitting up straight, and of course my bed.

oh yeah, i'm from chicago. midwest! nigga! *throws gang signs up
* talking ghetto is funny. i'm a filipino so yeah.

and from reading other peoples intros.. mines.. uhh cooler. that's right. i get money. and what. :3 haha
nice to meet you all =]
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Brawl FC : 4596-9133-2196
Main Character : Snake
Registration date : 2008-03-12

PostSubject: Re: JUUUHHHHHHHSTTTT!!!! :O   JUUUHHHHHHHSTTTT!!!! :O Icon_minitimeTue Mar 25, 2008 7:49 am

*cough* lame =P. anyhow brawlll
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