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 Requesting a 1v1

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Requesting a 1v1 Empty
PostSubject: Requesting a 1v1   Requesting a 1v1 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2008 1:48 pm

All matches here will be recorded onto our current rankings. So if you lose or win will effect your position. The following rules must be followed:

1. 3 stock
2. 7 minute time limit
4. Stage selection will be choosen between the two of you.
5. You both must use IRC or the team omega chatbox.
6. You may have a spectator if you request one.
7. Best out of 3

Before you start the match please make a new topic labeling

Username vs. Username (Topic)

Username #1 will post the following
Round 1: Winner
Round 2: Winner
Round 3: Winner
Username #2 will also post the following
Round 1: Winner
Round 2: Winner
Round 3: Winner

Both users will be allowed to post a critic if needed but other then that I will record the results onto our ranking sheet that I have created.

This will be updated...
Please post here if there are any confusions

Requesting a 1v1 41936764tu6
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Requesting a 1v1
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